Food Photography Portfolio Prt 4


Hello everyone I have been very busy the last few days working in my studio to produce some more photos for my food photography portfolio project.

Tuesday I spent the morning cleaning my studio and setting up my area for the days photo shoot, this involved moving a table, setting up studio lights and selecting props and backgrounds.

I decided that I would spend the day photographing a range of herbs. After spending some time working out how I was going to photograph my herbs, I decided that I would go for a still life look. I chose to use  floor tiles, which I had brought from a tile shop, as the background. Tip: Most tile shops will let you return your tiles if not damaged and you get your money back, what could be better.

When I started photographing the herbs I found that it was harder to get the right angle than I thought, so I decided to try a birds eye view.

These are some examples of the final photos from Tuesdays herb photo shoot.

This was my first time photographing herbs and I learnt that herbs start to wilt very fast under the heat of the studio lights, after uploading the photos to my Mac i decided that the first photo is to over crowded and the herbs are too wilted as you can see. I like the second photo but this was taken after the first photo which meant the herbs have wilted even more, which is not good for a food photo.

I am planning to redo the shoot with fresh herbs and use natural light if the weather is good this friday.



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